learning the basics of home septic systems
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learning the basics of home septic systems

A septic system is something that is easily forgotten until something goes horribly wrong. What should you avoid running down your kitchen sink? Is one type of toilet paper safer to use than another? How often does your septic tank really need to be cleaned? These were just some of the questions that I had about my septic tank after it had backed up and filled my yard with raw sewage. Since then, I have spent hours researching septic systems so that I would not have to go through that again. I have developed my website to make learning about septic systems a little easier for others like me.

learning the basics of home septic systems

  • 3 Inexpensive And Necessary Additions Your Chicken Coop Needs

    12 January 2015

    A chicken coop can be a big investment when you first start raising chickens, but there are some important additions you can't skip. Here are three inexpensive and necessary ways to improve your chicken coop. Windows that Open Your coop needs windows to add some light into your coop and to give your chickens ventilation. Chickens need enough ventilation to let out the excess moisture and ammonia in the air from their droppings, so they have fresh, breathable air all year.

  • If You Do Not Have Pests, Keep It That Way With Preventive Pest Control

    8 January 2015

    No one wants to have to deal with any type of pests if they do not have to. Not only is dealing with them nasty, but it is usually time consuming, and can even be expensive, depending on how bad the infestation or invasion is. As a homeowner, there are some simple steps that you can take to help ensure that dealing with pests is not on your list of things to do.