learning the basics of home septic systems
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learning the basics of home septic systems

A septic system is something that is easily forgotten until something goes horribly wrong. What should you avoid running down your kitchen sink? Is one type of toilet paper safer to use than another? How often does your septic tank really need to be cleaned? These were just some of the questions that I had about my septic tank after it had backed up and filled my yard with raw sewage. Since then, I have spent hours researching septic systems so that I would not have to go through that again. I have developed my website to make learning about septic systems a little easier for others like me.

learning the basics of home septic systems

Things To Know About Your Home's Water Well And Pump

Matthew Young

When a home is located in a rural area, it may be too far from the local water grid to take advantage of it. In these situations, a water well might be the most convenient option for providing the house with a steady supply of water. Yet, homeowners are often uninformed when it concerns these wells.

Are There Warning Signs That May Alert You To The Need To Replace Your Water Well Pump?

The well pump that moves water from the well to your home is one of the essential components of the well system. Unfortunately, these mechanical devices may be prone to suffering a range of mechanical issues and damages that can force you to replace the pump. Luckily, there are some warnings that may alert you to the need for the pump to be replaced. For example, you may find that the pump is losing the ability to provide your home with the desired water pressure. Additionally, you may find that the pump has developed extensive leaks. Lastly, loud grinding sounds may be produced by the pump as its moving components create friction by rubbing against each other.

Will A New Well Need To Be Drilled If The Pump Is Replaced?

A common assumption for homeowners that are new to owning water wells is that the entire well will have to be replaced when the pump needs to be upgraded. However, it is possible for a professional contractor to replace the well pump without compromising the stability or effectiveness of the well. While it is possible for a homeowner to need to have a new well drilled, this is usually in response to the well running low on water or experiencing major structural and stability problems with the well shaft.

Are There Any Ways For A Homeowner To Extend The Life Of Their Well Pump?

Due to the sizable costs that can be involved with needing to replace a well pump, homeowners will have strong incentives to make sure that their pumps last for as long as possible. This will require making sure that the well receives the proper maintenance and service work according to the recommended schedule by the manufacturer. The pump's owner's manual will be able to provide you with the particular maintenance needs that your well pump will have. In addition to properly maintaining the well pump, you should also protect it from the harsh winter temperature as water freezing in the well can be very damaging to it.

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