learning the basics of home septic systems
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learning the basics of home septic systems

A septic system is something that is easily forgotten until something goes horribly wrong. What should you avoid running down your kitchen sink? Is one type of toilet paper safer to use than another? How often does your septic tank really need to be cleaned? These were just some of the questions that I had about my septic tank after it had backed up and filled my yard with raw sewage. Since then, I have spent hours researching septic systems so that I would not have to go through that again. I have developed my website to make learning about septic systems a little easier for others like me.

learning the basics of home septic systems

Are You "On The Fence" About Which Type Of Fence To Build?

Matthew Young

Are you thinking about building a fence on your property? If so, it's important think about your reasons for building it in the first place in order to choose the material that will best-suit your particular fencing needs. If you're still on the fence about which type to choose, take a look at these three popular fencing options for residential homeowners.

Chain Link Fence

A steel chain link fence is a popular option for homeowners looking to contain their dogs and other pets. Probably the biggest complaint people have about chain link fencing is its appearance. Although a chain link fence may not be the prettiest fencing option out there, one way to add to its aesthetic appeal is by using the chain link mesh as a trellis for creeping vines and flowers.

Common reasons to choose chain link fencing for your property include:

  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is economical.
  • It can be installed quickly.
  • It has a lengthy lifespan.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It can be installed at a height that is higher than other fencing types.

Nowadays, chain link fences are available in a range of aesthetic options, including colored polymer coatings and different wire gauge sizes. If you plan to install the fence along a property border next to shrubs and other greenery, a green-coated chain link fence can look almost invisible.

Chain link fencing is also environmentally friendly. Torn-down and discarded steel fencing can often be taken to a scrap metal dealer instead of ending up in a landfill.

Aluminum Fence

Many homeowners choose ornamental aluminum fencing to define property borders and protect swimming pools. Powder-coated aluminum fencing is often designed to resemble wrought iron fencing, but the fact that it weighs so much less than wrought iron makes it much easier to manage and install.

Homeowners choose aluminum fencing for a number of reasons, such as:

  • It provides an attractive, modern look.
  • It is rustproof and requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is extremely durable
  • It lasts a lifetime.
  • It has an endless array of design options.

If home security is one of your concerns, an ornamental aluminum fence with spear-topped pickets is much harder to climb over than many other fencing types.

Wood Fence

Everyone knows the "American Dream" includes a house with a white picket fence which, until recent years, would traditionally be made of wood. Wooden fences have been an American mainstay for centuries. Many homeowners build them on their property because they look nice (when maintained) and increase the home's curb appeal.

When installed properly by a professional, you can expect a well-maintained, pressure-treated wooden fence to last 30 years or more. Wood fences are commonly constructed with pine, spruce or fir lumber because of their durability and affordability. However, you can also choose cedar, cypress or redwood, if you prefer.

There are a number of reasons why you might consider a wooden fence, including:

  • It has a low initial investment.
  • It is durable and rugged.
  • It can be designed and customized in a never-ending variety of ways.
  • It is easy to repair, as needed.
  • It naturally resists insects when built with cedar or cypress lumber.

Keep in mind wood fencing must be properly maintained to avoid wood rot and sagging posts in the long run. Every few years, you are wise to protect the wood by repainting or refinishing the entire fence.

Although there are many other styles of fencing available out there, these three types are among the most popular with homeowners. To help you determine the best type of fence for  your home, discuss your particular needs with experienced fencing contractors.