learning the basics of home septic systems
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learning the basics of home septic systems

A septic system is something that is easily forgotten until something goes horribly wrong. What should you avoid running down your kitchen sink? Is one type of toilet paper safer to use than another? How often does your septic tank really need to be cleaned? These were just some of the questions that I had about my septic tank after it had backed up and filled my yard with raw sewage. Since then, I have spent hours researching septic systems so that I would not have to go through that again. I have developed my website to make learning about septic systems a little easier for others like me.

learning the basics of home septic systems

8 Great Tips For Reducing Air Conditioning Costs

Matthew Young

Your air conditioner is one of the most vital appliances you have during a hot and humid summer. When the temperatures are blazing, you are glad to have your air conditioner blowing cool air on your body. However, if you are not careful, running your air conditioner can drain your bank account quickly. It is important to pay attention to how often your air conditioner runs. Here are eight great tips for reducing air conditioning costs.

Replace the Filters Regularly

If you want your air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible, it is very important to replace the filters once a month. All the dirt and dust that accumulates in the filters will cause your air conditioner to work harder, increasing your energy bills. If you run your air conditioner constantly or have pets in your home, you may need to replace your filters even more often.

Plant More Trees and Shrubs

Another way you can reduce your air conditioning bills is to plant more shrubs and trees around your house. They will not just improve your home's curb appeal; they will also prevent the sun from reaching the inside of your house. If less sunlight gets into your home, your air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to keep your house cool. 

Stop Using Your Oven

It is not a wise idea to use your oven during the summer months. All the hot air from the oven will force your air conditioner to work harder, increasing your energy bills. If you want to cook something, you should use an outdoor grill.

Install Attic Fans

If you do not already have them, you should think about installing fans in your attic. These fans will help circulate the cool air, so you will not have to run your air conditioner as frequently.

Inspect Doors and Windows for Cracks

Remember to check your windows and doors for cracks every month or so. If there are cracks on your windows or doors, cool air can easily escape out of your home. If cool air escapes, your air conditioner will have to work harder. If you see cracks on your windows or doors, seal them with caulk.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Whether your air conditioner is brand new or 10 years old, you should have it serviced by a cooling contractor every year. A cooling contractor will inspect all of the components to make sure they are running efficiently. If he finds an issue with your air conditioning system, he can fix it before your air conditioner breaks down or increases your energy bills.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you want to keep your air conditioning bills as inexpensive as possible, it is very important to use a programmable thermostat. When you are away from the house, you can program the thermostat to stay at a higher temperature. You can also adjust your thermostat when you sleep at night.

Take Advantage of Curtains and Blinds

One of the simplest ways to keep your air conditioning bills low is to use your curtains or blinds. These window coverings will not just give you privacy; they will also keep the sun out of your home. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard if there is less sunlight coming into your home.

Following these helpful tips will help you dramatically reduce your air conditioning bills in the summertime. However, if your air conditioner is still not running as efficiently as it should, call an experienced air conditioning contractor. A trained contractor will examine your air conditioner and figure out why it is not running efficiently.